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Telephone Constellations
Constellations now available from the comfort and privacy of your home.

Telephone Constellations are deep and convenient format for receiving insight and transforming issues with health, career, relationship, home and family. Krista Jarrard brings a warm and wise heart to her ten year practice of Systemic Family Constellation Work, through which she has brought healing and long lasting resolution to hundreds of clients. If you are unable to attend a workshop or private session, a full professional Constellation is still available to you no matter what your location.

Because Systemic or Family Constellations operate outside of time and space, it is possible to connect into the knowing field and facilitate deep movement and solution to lifes most difficult issues through a telephone Constellation. Similar to a private session, I will begin the two hour session with an interview. Then we move into the Constellation itself. I will be tapping into the energies of those that are needed to be represented, in relation to the presenting issue. Then we move into the solution phase of the Constellation, where very specific words and visualizations of a lasting healing movement are offered to you and your ancestors.

If you are new to this profound soul work please review my website for complete information.This is a full Constellation so please allow at least two hours for your session. You will need a private, quiet space with no distractions, and will call me from a land line. I suggest you arrange to have some time by yourself immediately following the session. .

Fee for the Telephone Constellation is $200.00. Payable in advance by check, or by Paypal on my Calendar page .

To arrange a Telephone Constellation you may email me or phone at 505-795-9171
Monday thru Friday, 9am to 5pm Pacific time.

Krista Jarrard brings a warm and wise heart, to her ten year practice of Systemic Family Constellation Work. During that time she has brought healing and long lasting resolution to hundreds of clients. She facilitates public workshop, private sessions and nine month Immersion Learning Programs. Krista has extensive training with the very best in the field. Including Heinz Stark and the works originator, Bert Hellinger, in US training's and Austria for Advanced Family Constellations, Hellinger Sciencia and Movements of the Spirit Mind. She is one of only 30 graduates of the Gabrielle Borkan Institute for Systemic Constellation Work. From this training the more feminine approach to working with Constellations blind, emerged. Krista resides in San Diego CA and Santa Fe, NM where she founded the Southwest Center for Systemic Constellation Work.

Systemic Family Constellation Work
Immersion Learning Program 2011 San Diego, CA

Join me for a nine month journey into the mystery and the magnificence of life, as experienced through the transformational field of Constellation Work

With over a decade of experience, Krista Jarrard celebrates the fourth year of offering professionals and caring individuals the opportunity to go deep with Constellation Work, allowing it to inform and transform their personal and professional lives.The 2011 Immersion Learning Program is a unique opportunity to experience a rich and deep understanding of the phenomenological approach to working with families and systems and as developed by Bert Hellinger. This program is designed to delve in depth into the principles and practice of Systemic Family Constellation Work while allowing space to participate in its ongoing evolution. Therefore although the appropriate resources, tools and phenomenological understanding will be provided, there will be allowance for this program to be guided by the field, giving participants the opportunity to co-create a once in a lifetime learning and growth experience.

This cutting edge work that heals on multiple levels and has touched the lives of thousands of people around the world is alive and evolving. When approached with humility and respect it has the potential to touch our deepest cores, transforming our lives and the lives of those around us.The program is oriented to individual needs pertaining to life and work experiences so that this phenomenological approach can be implemented into ones present professional and life situations upon completion.

From the original Family Constellations, to the Movements of the Soul, to the newest Movement of the Spirit Mind developments, this intensive nine month, 18 day committed group program will instill a profound respect for the mystery of life and the forces that shape it. A program that can change a lifetime. Enrolling Now!

Format - 18 days, one weekend a month for nine months.

Contact Krista for program outline and curriculum at 505-795-9171

Immersion Learning Program Participants

What graduates have to say about the Immersion Learning Program

My experience of the Immersion Learning Program is that of being held and guided in an atmosphere of profound safety and integrity. Krista's depth of knowledge, experience and sensitivity are unparalleled in my 20 years of self exploration. D.S. Santa Fe, NM

After decades of diverse transformational techniques and therapies, I was still plagued with significant issues. However during the nine months of the ILP, I experienced deep movement in the exercises, group experiences, and most definitely my constellations that allowed me to transform them. This movement of my soul during the ILP program has allowed me to take my place in my family in my true masculine strength and make a deeper contribution to my world. Krista's work allows light to be shone on the truth for consciousness to be acknowledged and claimed, and for forgotten and denied family members be brought home to their rightful place. This movement of the soul is no less than a miracle. William Frost, Business Consultant, Georgia.

The work in this program now informs my personal and professional life. It has provided a rich and profound means of connecting to the sacred and has enhanced my understanding of, and commitment to being present to what is. As humankind evolves Constellation Work provides a bridge to the world of hidden dynamics and all that lies beyond, and yet embraces duality. Honoring my parents and all my ancestors has brought tremendous openings and satisfaction in my life. Darlene Hess, Ph.D., FNP-BC Albuquerque NM

With this program I have deepened into myself with greater understanding, and embrace all the forces that have shaped my life. By learning how to receive the gift of life from my parents, I have released a core level of struggle and resistance within me and the external play of my life. I have experienced Systemic Family Constellation Work with five different facilitators and feel that Krista's depth of feeling and trusting into this work and the great mystery allows the work to move with more grace, richness and impact. The experience from which she draws makes her facilitation exceptional. Quiana Grace Frost, Life Coach, Asheville NC

Real, tangible, observable and fulfilling changes have occurred in my life and my loved ones lives as a direct result of doing the Immersion Learning Program with Krista Jarrard. I would highly recommend it if you are interested in genuine, strengthened, lasting healing in your life and family issues. There is more health, light, and laughter shining out from me, creating pathways for more love to flow in my life. I look forward to bringing this work into my community and practice. Thank you Krista!! Mark Courtman, Hummingbird Intentional Community, Mora NM

The monthly Immersion Learning Program has been one major healing experience on top of another, not counting all the other related materials, discussions, and insights that we participated in. At each weekend module we delved deeper into the mystery of the Soul and its power for healing. Constellation Work alone is the greatest thing ever to come across my path, and the Immersion Learning Program goes far beyond that. From personal experience, one Constellation replaced five (5) years of regular counseling or psychotherapy session. And at the end of each workshop of the Immersion Learning Program I come home feeling lighter. I will be walking on clouds when the nine months are over. It's that good! ..C. Richardson, Las Cruces, NM

I highly recommend the Immersion Program to anyone interested in perceiving life and relational dynamics in and entirely new way. This work has truly transformed my personal and professional life. J.Martinez, Santa Fe, NM

Orders of Love Video Short

An examination of the hidden influences that past generations exert on our personality. Jes Benstock explores his family history of migration, breakdown and suicide in an attempt to free his young son from his family's complex legacy.

Click here for Jes Benstock�s video.

This is a marvelous personalized introductory presentation to Bert Hellinger�s concepts of �orders of love�. The light hearted use family photos, the family tree and walking across the map of Europe are imagesfit the work beautifully. Bert Hellinger makes a special appearance. In this film we see the author engaging with his son his father and members of the extended family on his quest to belong.

Spirituality & Health Magazine

November / December 2006 issue features a beautifully written article about Systemic Family Constellation Work.

How to Heal Your Family
Louise Danielle Palmer

It's that time again � holiday time. You gather around the table for a feast, doing your best to be grateful, but . . . Half the family is missing or uninvited. Conversation is stilted. All that is hidden, missing, unspoken, hangs over everyone like an invisible fog or a bad odor, origin unknown. Instead of feeling the holiness of the occasion, all you want is to get it over with as fast as possible. Instead of receiving strength and joy from the experience, you end up with a low-grade hangover and a lingering sad feeling.

Now, imagine creating the holiday you are "supposed" to have. Imagine that you see the family dynamics in a clear and peaceful light, as largely the product of the past, as in the ancient past. In understanding the past, you can heal the past, and actually be together in the present. In the present, you can feel the loving communion with your family that you've always longed for. Imagine making this happen in a matter of hours without costly therapy sessions involving endless rehashing and insights that don't help.

It isn't impossible. It isn't wishful thinking. In fact, this healing work, called Family Constellation, is being done around the world, among the Ojibwa in northern Canada, the aborigines in Australia, Jews and Arabs, Chinese and Mexicans. Over the past two decades, this unique and magically effective method for restoring peace to the individual, the family, and the collective has gained a following in 25 countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa � even though it's almost impossible to describe or explain, makes little sense to the rational mind, upends prevailing notions of time and space, and requires trusting a bunch of people you don't know with your private life. It's now a leading form of therapy in Germany, where it was created, and is being used to improve businesses and other organizations, as well as to bring peace to many regions in conflict. Finally, it's making its way into the U.S.

Click here to read the article.



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